Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Research on materials, joints, technologies and systems.

I feel that within a future sustainable, self sufficient setting an adapative structure is neccesary. Eaves and double glazed windows will just not cut-it in my scenario, with growing materials and a generative proposal. How will solar activity be repelled or accepted? I enjoyed the ideas below and desire to explore these technologies in a 3D modelling setting for use in my urban farm facade system.

ShapeShift - an experiment in future possibilities of architectural materialization, a project which explores the potential application of electro-active polymer (EAP) at an architectural scale.

Video here:

Why can't architecture adapt to humans? Why do humans have to adapt to materials and buildings?
"Bloom" - created by Doris Kim Sung, assistant professor at University of Southern California's School of Architecture. 14,000 pieces of "thermobimetal" made up of two or more layers which have different expansion coefficients. When the temperature changes, the metals expand at different rates, curling up or down, giving the appearance of a reactive skin.

Wow I found this extremely interesting site, reality distorted which has a whole variety future architecture and technologies which I find really inspiring. The facade system by Future Cities Lab is especially interesting.

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