Friday, November 9, 2012

Physical Models

During the start of this project I had always envisioned my design to be quite organic  in form and realised the best way to create physical models would be to utilise the 3D printing facility available at the D Block workshop. I have used this service once before and for a beginning user I knew there would be a few bumps to over come before the 3D file could be processed for printing. The below images are the final result after numerous attempts and edits made to the original file to ensure the digital model was suitable. The files was a headache to do but in the end I am somewhat happy with the final product. I am not overlly satisfied as I would have liked to create a 3D model which shows the sphere pods connecting but as I did not have a great deal of time, I did not want to take a risk incase the models did not turn out well. I decided to 3D print a series of four pods which show the "evolution" of the architectural material as it grows over time, with the help of proposed future technologies.

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