Friday, November 9, 2012

The Intro Video Presentation...

Larger version:

As part of the criteria of this project, I sought out to find a practical and engaging method to introduce the "story" of my future scenario and architectural future solution. I decided not to completely rely on Microsoft PowerPoint to show my story as I felt this method would be expected and was limited to basic tools. My aim for this video was for it to serve as an introduction to my architectural proposal, and set the scene for why my proposal is neccesary due to the current needs of my future citizens. After google-ing variou video marking platforms it was clear that I wanted to use Adobe After Effects although I had not used the program before. During out last tutorial where we had one last opportunity to speak with our tutor about our project, Ruwan showed us an example of an infographic video, although I only saw this video for a minute or so, I was really interested in utilising the style of infographics into my video, and I tried my best to do so with the limited time we had. During the presentation however, I learnt that it would have been a good idea to compress the 18GB file as the uni computer good not handle the size of the file and lagged quite alot... so unfortunately the audience had to sit through a lagging presentaion, but the message got through (I think).

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