Thursday, August 2, 2012

Future Visions + Scenarios

Today in what started off as a fairly loose tutorial session we started to explore and deconstruct the four project themes of Regional, Virtual, Urban and Suburban in small groups (starting with groups of four). At first we struggled with our small group of four, and as a result decided to merge with another group (who also seemed to be struggling) to form a large group of 8. With this large group of potential idea resources we were quickly able to start the brainstorming process. We eventually started to collaborate at an effective and consistent rate and brainstormed the various topics and issues within each theme while documenting our ideas using a large sheet of butcher paper. We sought to delve into a deeper realm of each topic and tried to sway from conventional, and somewhat obvious ideas, essentially proposing systems for out future by asking a lot of "What If?" questions.

These questions tended to explore the various social implications including security issues in an exclusively virtually run world, potential of a virtual afterlife or "virtual cemetery" (preserving one's legacy through inmortalising existing blogs, social networking sites, etc), prioritising non-mechanical transportation (pedestrians) over cars with all vehicles to be underground only (or less roads, more walkways, taxing the use of vehicles, providing government incisors for those who do not own a car, etc). Surprisingly, in hindsight I have had the opportunity to gain exposure of different non-stereotypical sustainable future ideas which can aid greatly to our upcoming group project which is due in Week 6.

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