Saturday, August 18, 2012

People + Lifestyles

Following last week’s initial proposal of having a Thinning O-Zone layer within the Southern Hemisphere, we have brainstormed a few more ideas HOWEVER I am a little disappointed as we have decided to “tone down” the intensity of our idea as the previously discussed events would be more likely to occur within a 100 year time frame, and after speaking with our Unit Co-ordinator, Yasu it was mentioned that we would keep to a 50 year time frame. Perhaps our group has taken this direction from Yasu was taken too literally, as I personally believe we should continue with a DRAMATIC idea as I feel that by ”toning” the scenario down, we would create a scenario that is too realistic. But nevertheless the criterion is not necessarily measuring whether it is too realistic. There will still be many elements regardless that will need to be discussed, and there is still a domino-layering effect. We have decided to generate ideas within four major elements within our scenario as individuals, and report our findings back for discussion in the next tutorial. Each group member is covering one element each out of: 1. Resources and Economy, 2. Environmental, 3. People/Social and 4. Political. I will be focusing on People/Social, which will discuss the different “layers” of impact our scenario will have on this aspect.

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I am interested in documenting a little charrette within our poster with a heading something similar to (if not) “A Day in the Life of...”. This could be a day in the life of a young family, a working professional, a child, a group of youths, and what it will show is either in diagrams or text, the start to end process of this social group within our future scenario. I think this will be an interesting way to put the viewer in perspective to how our scenario ”works”. I am also fascinated with pixel art and perhaps I could diagram a little section of a suburb or city HABBO style. (Refer to pic below). With info-graphic style captions or speech bubble text indicating each future product or process.

'Architecture is the final point in the achievement of any artistic endeavour because the creation of architecture implies the construction of an environment and the establishment of a way of life'.
- Timothy James Clark

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