Friday, August 31, 2012

Individual Project One Statement

Below are the panels submitted for the final group presentation.

As seen below, our group had decided to follow a landscape theme which combined the four portrait posters. I feel the outcome of this project exceeded my expectations (however, please note: my expectations were not extremely high toward the final straws of this project - however my expectations were lower given our groups circumstances including inadequate GROUP discussion and some member absences), overall I am SATISFIED/NEUTRAL with the final result. I personally, feel a little sad that our future scenario was kept on a leash and on the mild side, as I had hoped for a more dramatic/intense scenario (as mentioned in previous posts) however, our group was able to cover various future issues which in some-cases are still beyond a realistic vision (which in my opinion, is good).

Both myself and my group member Dennis Tran had the responsibility of completed ALL diagrams and the design of the panels, where I completed the two middle panels (Sustainable Future and People & Lifestyles) and Dennis completed the two outer posters (Future Vision and Architectural Possibilities). The content behind the diagrams however, was finalised as a group, where each group member completed approximately 800 words of text in a Microsoft Word format, outlining the various layers/elements within each allocated topic (one member per topic) and we then compiled the text as a group for myself and Dennis to interpret into a visual, diagrammatic format. This was a long process between the two of us and required on-going support and collaboration to ensure all posters were consistent, however as it was agreed that both of us were more graphically inclined, it would benefit the group if we were given this task to ensure the poster appeared consistent and visual appealing in-line with the assessment criteria. And for the sake of achieving a better flowing poster and overall, better result for the assessment, I was more than happy to take on this additional work-load.

The four posters follow the format of the assessment guidelines which entail Future Visions & Scenarios, Sustainable Future, People & Lifestyles (this was my topic) and Architectural Possibilities. The Chain of Events Timeline at the bottom of the total poster allows the viewer to have a better perspective of how our future scenario occurs over a period of 50 years. As mentioned in previous posts, I had been able to include "A Day in the Life of.." segment, HOWEVER I am not entirely happy with the final outcome of this segment as I would have preffered to include this in a complete digram format rather than text.

After presenting our posters and after viewing posters of other groups, I believe our group did a decent job. Although we were able to submit on time, and produce posters as required within the criteria, in hindsight I would have liked for our group to have had more meetings as an actual GROUP (with all members present for the full duration of the meetings) so we could ensure the topic was agreeable with all members and from there, we could have expanded and intensified our ideas. Most of our group meetings did not consist of all members being present, which hindered our success of a strong collaborative result, where some members lost track of what our group had originally agreed upon in previous meetings.. Or perhaps we simply needed more group meetings, or perhaps, I am being too critical?

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