Monday, September 24, 2012

Future Adaptability: Subtraction/Addition Module Concept

"The adaptable populations survive, and the inflexible succumb." 

"We seek the ability to grow and change without jarring disruption, or the loss of continuity and basic structure. Biological organisms have this ability to a high degree... General adaptability in an environment seems to be enhanced where major structure is concentrated, and where functional areas are separated in a rather coarse grain, particularly where the likely-to-change or easy-to-change features can be distinguished. But where the categories of functional areas may shift, or there may be expansion of many units of one type at the expense of many units of another type, then a very coarse grain may be an inflexible feature."

Logic Matter, Skylar Tibits

Michael Lawlor:

Parasitic Green Pin-up:

Parasitic green is a concept for a flexible carpet of growth that fills and animates a city's unused spaces.


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