Saturday, September 15, 2012

Preserving and Strengthening Brisbane's Identity - The River City.

Ideas about creation of the architectural IDENTITY. What does it provide? What will it be known for?

Brisbane City Elements and Key Considerations:

A River city—positioning the Brisbane River as a memorable, healthy, active and accessible
artery of the city centre. The river must become the focus of attention between the city core and its frame. This can be achieved by increasing pedestrian connections along the river as well as across to the frame. The river edge can host a variety of activities, with visual and physical connectivity
extending from the water’s edge into the city. These measures will serve to reinforce awareness of Brisbane as a ‘river city’. A river that is enjoyed and used must also be healthy, therefore the quality of water entering the river must be improved along with river care in general.

Subtropical city—articulating a uniquely ‘Brisbane’ response to our subtropical climate and setting.
Brisbane’s subtropical character should be a fundamental point of difference with other cities. Our
architecture features shaded buildings, courtyards and structures with filtered light, shade and ventilation. Our relaxed outdoor lifestyle is also a reflection of the subtropical climate. Given the importance of useable open space, noise levels and air quality are significant considerations.
Responding to our subtropical climate entails shelter from wind and rain as well as sun. Urban spaces must combine built and natural landscapes to allow people to move comfortably through the city.
Brisbane’s subtropical character is also evident in its diversity of flora and fauna, however the effects
of climate change—drying and warming—must be accommodated when interpreting our future subtropical image. 

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