Monday, September 24, 2012

Biosphere: Input/output tubes of sphere create intricate design.

Biosphere by Tomas Saraceno


suckerPUNCH: Air Farm by Jorge Mutis.

Recently the concept of urban farming has gained a well deserved amount of popularity. While consciousness is no longer an obstacle, the reality is that city centers are not designed to accommodate such ideals. This proposal investigates the potential of using inflatable structures to begin to occupy places we couldn’t before. The idea was to research the possibility of lunching theme up into the sky. Instead of using air as their structural material, helium would enable these structures to lift and float above the ground.

The farming technology proposed is aeroponics, as a step further in water efficiency from hydroponics, this mechanism will enable the flying structure to be extremely light weight, consisting only of a fiber glass armature and ETFE panels on the exterior.
The urban center in the ground is where the flying farms will be tethered to. The roof of the structure is multi-dynamic. Its an extension of the ground that makes a seamless interaction with the site and neighbors allowing the entire surface of the building to become a public park. Furthermore, the roof houses the “Docs” where the Farm{airs} are continuously cycled up and down for cultivation and harvesting. The ultimate goal with this project is to formulate a powerful idea for the problem of urban farming, and designing a building that would enable the maximum interaction possible with its context. A high level of porosity and accessibility was paramount. This proposal is more than a farming center by revolutionizing its own concept with the farm{air} structures; and architecturally by melting itself into the neighborhood stretching a boundary-less concept of architectural space.

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